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A year-round valentine to the retirement lifestyle.
When you’re a resident here at our Virginia Beach community, you have a vantage point other retirement communities simply do not have: the Chesapeake Bay. The sun and the breeze. The sand and the sky. Just steps away! And a menu of activities and dining options that surge ahead of all others.

A non-profit Life Care community for active retirees age 62 and over, we are faith-based and assisted by The Westminster-Canterbury Foundation. Our mission is to provide residents with the stress-free, financially secure, dynamic lifestyle they’ve worked hard to achieve. While some restrictions apply, residency is available to qualified individuals regardless of financial status.

Whether you’re fully retired or still working, we have all the right ingredients for this special time of life. Our purpose is clear, our experience indispensable, and our leadership team unparalleled.

Get to know us. This is where you’ll want to be. Call us today at 800-753-2918, or schedule a visit.