Meet Your Retirement Mortgage Specialist
Steven Kirkpatrick

Life is good. I closed on my own reverse mortgage on April 7, 2022, and eliminated mortgage payments of $21,000 per year. There were 24 years left on the loan. That means I saved over $520,000 in mortgage payments over the life of the loan (assuming I live to age 90). As much as I love my job and expect to continue working for many years, I feel great having the peace of mind knowing that I now have financial security in retirement. I am a very lucky man; I live on a beautiful little horse farm in Chuckatuck with my wife and best friend, Susan Jane. We have two Jack Russell Terrorists (Pandora and Peaches), six cats, and two horses.

I have three sons, Ian (32), Keith (30), and Colin (26); they are all smarter and better looking than me. I have an undergraduate degree in Marine Zoology from SUNY Stony Brook and an MBA from the Stern School of Business at New York University. I was a Subject Matter Expert for a private bank on Wall Street for 21 years, and was in charge of all of the bank’s Fiduciary real estate holdings (and many other things). I am an avid naturalist, with particular interest in horticulture and mycology. I have an extensive insect collection of about 1,000 specimens. I am also an excellent Cook. My license plate is: “UXORIOUS.” Go ahead, look it up.


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