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As a veteran of the United States Army, Dan Short spent a majority of his military career in remote locations throughout the world where American luxury was nowhere to be found. During those 20 years he gained self-sufficiency and survival experience while working in the Special Operations Free-fall program, as a sniper and sniper school instructor, as a test pilot and test pilot school instructor, and as a SCUBA diver. So he knows how to live off-grid and survive.


After his military career, Dan began restoring vintage vehicles and opened up the high-end restoration shop, FantomWorks. He created a reality television series and grew a world-wide presence as host of FantomWorks on the Discovery network.

So he knows business too.


Today, Dan has returned to his self-sufficiency survival bought the Farm. And it’s even off-grid. With his wife, Melissa, they have been growing their own local homestead for over three years. With cows, pigs, goats, and a thriving orchard Dan also knows homesteading too!


Dan is bringing all his knowledge to you. Call in with your questions on self-sufficiency, holistic health and nutrition, homesteading, living off-grid and so much more. Join Dan Short every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month at 10am! Remember to bring all your questions and get ready to take your freedom back into your own hands!

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