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Maximizing Social Security Webinar

Maximizing Social Security Webinar

DateApril 20, 2020


VenueWebinar with Equity 1


Covid 19 has altered millions of Americans retirement plans and you may need to re-think your Social Security claiming strategies. For 62% of Americans Social Security is the single largest source of income and proper understanding of the rules can help you add thousands of dollars per year in retirement. 

Join Steve Burton, President of Equity 1, Financial Solutions this Saturday, April 18th at 9am for his Maximizing Social Security webinar. Call 1-877-313-4080. That’s 1-877-313-4080 or online at 

With your retirement accounts still off from their recent highs and many concerned that the stock market may see more volatility ahead, learning these valuable tips like, should you claim early, wait until your full retirement age or even waiting until age 70. What are spousal benefits, divorced spousal benefits, restricted applications and more. 

To join Steve Burton, this Saturday, April 18th at 9am for his virtual workshop on Maximizing Social Security, call 1-877-313-4080. 1-877-313-4080 or online at Register now virtual seats are limited