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About Robert Pizzini

Education without experience is philosophy. Many “certified” coaches and trainers lack the depth of experience required to develop leadership in a credible, meaningful, and long-lasting manner.

As an educated and experienced leader, I develop and advance leaders at all levels in a most genuine manner.

With my signature unconventional, high-energy style, I help business owners, executives, top management, and public figures (such as political leaders) adapt and evolve.

As a veteran of 26 years in Navy Special Operations and the owner of a multi-million-dollar business, I share my experiences, successes, and failures.

My leadership model is time-tested. My team development includes the military model of identifying manpower, training, and material requirements.

I discuss and demonstrate how to develop the blueprint of a team and how to sustain and advance a high-performing team.

Most importantly, I will show you how rest, hydration, nutrition, exercise, brain and heart health, and lifelong learning are critical components of lifelong leadership.

If you are directly responsible for anybody other than yourself, you are in a leadership position and should be properly experienced, educated, and trained for the role.