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Scott Schuett | President

Scott Schuett’s  professional career began over 20 years ago as he practiced law in the United States Navy as a Judge Advocate General. He owned a property management firm, managing over 185 rental units. He also owned and managed a health care consulting business, providing training and human resources to over 200 employees.

The lessons learned during his career proved invaluable to his new career in financial services especially retirement planning and asset protection. That new career found him after the stock market crash of 2000 and after following the typical strategies recommended by a money manager, with both the loss of income and devastation of his 401(k).

This blessing in disguise led Scott to the world of financial services where he started his own practice. He specializes in Asset Protection and Safe Money Strategies. Scott has now been financial services during the most volatile time in American History. Mr. Schuett is proud to remind his competition/colleagues in the investment and money management world that his clients have “Never Lost” any money in their retirement plans. Scott is also very proud of his family. His wife is a nurse, his daughter is in her second year at James Madison University and his stepdaughter is a Senior in High School.

Scott is a top adviser in his field and trains advisors across the country on Safe Money Strategies. His clientele continues to grow every year as a result of his common sense approach to “Safety First” and age old concepts that have proved the test of time. Scott has a real passion for people and the thing we spend our entire lives working so hard to accumulate, save and protect. Our money, our family’s and of course our legacy.

Scott honors all calls for a No Fee discussion of estate and retirement planning needs and objectives.