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The NYPD patrolmen faced with the gun wielding murderer last Friday had absolutely no choice but to engage the suspect with deadly force. This was no ordinary police citizen encounter. Surveillance video clearly shows the suspect pointing a weapon at the officers after being confronted. The officers, one an apparent veteran, had been told by a witness that the suspect had just executed a citizen in broad daylight and was trying to get away by blending in with the omnipresent NYC foot traffic. A gun wielding murderer trying to get away is just the type of suspect who police have the right to confront with deadly force and not have to wait for him to fire. The resulting harm to innocent bystanders was the responsibility of the criminal that started that process in motion, not the police who did their duty with honor. It is unfortunate that they will inevitably be defendants in ill advised lawsuits seeking to target the Citys coffers. It is wrong and shame on any so-called police “expert” who criticizes their actions in a split second of terror that all too often defines “ The JOB.” I have represented police in the aftermath of shooting incidents for years. No matter how well trained and qualified an officer might be, shooting under stress creates the possibility that rounds will miss their mark. In this case the suspect was immediately killed and any further harm to the populace was nullified as there is no telling what such a desperate person might do to get away. The citizens of NYC were well served and these cops have our support.


Posted by Dave on 08/28 at 06:20 PM

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