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You probably are wondering who this could be. A sports figure? A media figure? Well yes he is in the media and probably one of the most skilled and knowledgeable journalists of our time. Richard Engel is NBCs Chief Foreign Correspondent and he has diligently and quietly been reporting on our engagements in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria for the duration of these unfortunate conflicts. Apparently fearless, this unarmed slight figure of a man stares down the unknown on a daily basis in places that have claimed the lives of scores of foreign journalists. There is in my opinion no greater authority on the Middle East than this man, particularly the Middle East street which he patrols with the skill of a soldier but only armed with the tools of his media trade and hopefully the advices of a loyal local “fixer” and security. Im no political authority but wouldn’t it be prudent for the White House to summon this man on occasion, even if in the name of national security, to provide briefings on what is really happening? The skill of the CIA analyst notwithstanding, it would seem that he is our man on the street and his knowledge should not be reserved simply for the evening news sound bite. I feel that if people like Richard Engel and Sebastian Junger ( another war correspondent whose “War” captures the American soldier in Afghanistan like no other work) were consulted as a matter of political protocol we would be in a better place and make far more informed decisions about our policy in areas of the world where there is a galaxy of difference between us culturally. Be safe Mr Engel I consider you a national treasure, journalist or not.


Posted by Dave on 12/13 at 06:15 AM

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