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The Extortion 17 Ride

On Saturday Aug 4th over 700 bikes stretching, at times, six miles with cars and support vehicles rode from Clutch Bar and Grill with full VBPD escort to Knuckleheads Roadhouse for an auction. These proceeds are slated to support the 31 Heroes Fund set up to provide financial support to the families of those killed on Aug 6th 2011 in Afghanistan. The helicopter shot down was named Extortion 17. I proudly rode in this impressive and emotional parade with Stephanie Satterfield Middleton on back. She and Torrie Rogers and many others spent much time organizing this event. We hope it will be an annual event. Bikers are among the most generous and patriotic of us and it was an honor to again be among such great people.


Posted by Dave on 08/06 at 05:33 PM

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