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Shut up and broadcast

Bob Costas echoed the writings of a colleague which posited that without guns the horrible murder/suicide in Kansas City would not have occurred. Our rights to own firearms only subject to reasonable restrictions has been ruled upon by the U.S. Supreme Court. The right to keep and bear arms is a fundamental right. This human tragedy should do nothing to diminish this right any more than what happened to Congressman Giffords or to those poor souls in Aurora Colo. In a free society such events will occur and we must do all we can to interdict, identify and help those who we see are suffering from mental disease. Anything else would be unacceptable and an affront to protected rights. Mr Costas is a skilled and respected journalist but he should exit this debate and get on with the business of broadcasting. He doesn’t understand the Constitution or the implications of the statements he makes.

Posted by Dave on 12/04 at 02:10 PM

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