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Nothing changes at the alma mater

From 1975-1979 I attended Fordham University at the Rose Hill campus in the South Bronx. In the middle of a broke and violent Bronx we were a semi safe oasis. However we quickly learned that the most dangerous part of life there was not the crime or the violence but the campus meal plan. In my freshman year I used part of my meager scholarship to pay for this “ meal plan” and wound up watching horrific things occur on my food tray. The guy who ladled the crap on had no teeth and a maniacal laugh and he just blurted out “next”…”next”…”next” - we wound up calling him “ Necky” because he actually said “Neck” instead of “next”. We puked and farted our way past that first semester until we had the sense to realize we were on the fringe of Little Italy and some of the best food in the world and we didn’t need Neckys stank ladle to survive. Well, it was with no surprise that I found out that in a recent poll Fordham University at the Rose Hill campus has the worst on-campus food in the country. Quite a dubious honor and now the tuition is $40,000 when in my day it was $3000 but the food is a disgusting constant. Students have found bugs and foreign objects in their food. Looks like the ghost of ‘Necky” is hard at work . Go to Arthur Ave and eat its much better.


Posted by Dave on 08/26 at 04:54 PM

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