"Only the informed mind

is truly free."

Jon Huntsman predicted this long ago

Short of endorsing anyone directly, I made no apologies for stating that the Republican Party should have listened to this man and done more to elevate him on the national stage. The Huntsman message was one of workmanlike inclusion and bipartisan effort to better this country. The message of Obamas re-election in a cesspool of unemployment and numerous woes was a rejection of the right wings hijacking of the party and the signal to women and non whites that they were not invited to the American Dream. The whole notion that somehow Obama and the Democrats threatened “Judeo-Christian” values sealed the fate of a candidate simply viewed as not one of us. Marylands embracing of same sex marriage and the legalization of personal amounts of marijuana in Colorado and Washington mean that we are in a different place and that our young see the world in a way that Republicans don’t understand. Jon Huntsman, said after being persona non grata at the Republican National Convention, that the Republican Party needs to be a party of inclusion while preserving fiscal conservatism and the role of the individual in a free market and society. He was right and yesterday proved it in a way that sends hate mongers like Rove, Limbaugh and Coulter scrambling. It also vindicated his view that Citizens United was a blow to true democracy but that he had faith that voters would see through it. They did and I hope the Koch Brothers and Sheldon Adelson feel their money was well spent. In short, perhaps Obama did not deserve a second term, but the alternative was apparently worse for the majority of American voters who are increasingly diverse. Lets hope that Congress and the White House can get on with the serious business at hand.


Posted by Dave on 11/07 at 02:38 PM

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