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Did they use protection?

It appears those in charge of protecting the leader of the free world were taken down by the worlds oldest profession. If they had paid the bill and she had been out by curfew perhaps the greatest scandal in this elite agency's history would never have seen the light of day. But it has and is a sad chapter in that history. These agents enjoy the best law enforcement job in the world and earn at least six figures with OT and special pays. Now they are looking squarely at dismissal or severe discipline because they couldn’t exercise some restraint while deployed. Such highly cleared and classified agents are targets for those who might compromise them and the appearance of impropriety is just too much. For hookers to have access to our elite agents and military on foreign soil is mind boggling and the equations for disaster are numerous. Many around the world see Americans as easily corrupted by sex and money and stories have been told that intelligence agencies use that in their playbook to turn our military or our agents. This did much to enhance that reputation and this agency has much to explain.

Posted by Dave on 04/16 at 04:49 PM

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