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There may have been an unlawful use of force in Florida

Sharptons theatrics need to be tuned out and clearer minds need to prevail. Remember the Reverend gave us Tawana Brawley- how soon we forget. He found another cause and apparently Sanford Fla is ground zero for more irresponsible race baiting. The fact is that Fla stat Sec. 776.012 the “Stand Your Ground” law probably has no applicability to this tragic misjudgment by a trigger happy citizen and the Second Amendment should not be dragged into this vortex either. Politics will screw this up as the local Council scrambles for a scapegoat. The Police Chief has no business stepping aside. If there is a crime the States Attorney will impanel a grand jury and there will either be an indictment or not. I know one thing. The use and ownership of a weapon confers serious responsibility in the gravest extreme. If you do not have a reasonable belief that you will suffer serious bodily harm you do not shoot that weapon. Stop the rhetoric, investigate the facts and the law is more than capable of handling this matter.



Posted by Dave on 03/24 at 01:24 AM

Jeb Bushs endorsement of Romney is a game changer

Its kind of like extended dating….at some point you grudgingly settle. The endorsement coming so late is a function of Bush waiting for someone better to come along. That ain't happening until 2016 when the talent steps up - the Christies or Daniels or Rubios (look for a VP nod here). Bush publicly lamented the extremes that the Party was embracing and the rhetoric that propelled Gingrich and Santorum to some surprising wins. No one really believes Romney is a conservative, but I think many believe he is a skilled and accomplished businessman and former Governor who can get things done. I never cared about the awkward “cheesy grits” moments. Romney is a talented candidate and hell, he wants the job!!!! Cant say that for several who have “run” just to polish their brand. Jeb Bush signaled its time to get started and I believe this will be an important moment as Santorum decides what his future will be. The Party will probably embrace him unless he lets his ego take him to a place that will shut many doors for him. Look closely at the next two weeks.



Posted by Dave on 03/22 at 04:49 PM

The NFL is tackling the Saints

The Defensive Coordinator is out indefinitely. Head coach Sean Payton is out for a year. The GM is suspended for a half season and the assistant head coach is out for the first six games. Add a $500,000 fine and second round selection forfeitures for two years and it seems that The NFL takes a serious view of bounties on players. I am sure they would hit just as hard without a cash reward but to unleash these athletes in a focused manner for bonuses is an appearance of impropriety that the league cannot tolerate. If this is rampant the effects will be undeniable on the season but perhaps they will make this one example and move on. Personally, I think the conduct is reprehensible especially when one sees the carnage these men can create. Money for a game or career ending serious injury is wrong. Period.


Posted by Dave on 03/21 at 12:58 PM

We will miss Willie G

We will miss Willie G, but he will not really be gone. Willie G Davidson has announced his retirement after 49 years of leading the styling on the worlds most iconic motorcycles. I cherish the cap he autographed for me and I know he will be a continuing influence on Harley's design team. He was one of the visionaries who purchased the company from AMF and made it work. He did this not because it was a good business decision, but for a love of motorcycles and what his family created in a Wisconsin garage. Now the Bar and Shield is the worlds most recognizable brand logo and the company is strong having weathered more than one economic downturn. Look to see him at rallies and doing special projects. He has earned the right to be in the wind and skip the office.


Posted by Dave on 03/21 at 12:43 PM

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