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You cant make it up… Part Two

In the furor over Rep Todd Akins (R Mo) comments about “legitimate rape” and punishing the offender but not the child, the operatives are scrambling to prevent cross-contamination of the Romney-Ryan ticket. Romney himself indicated he couldn’t defend such statements and indicated that an exception in cases of rape was acceptable. Reince Preibus the Republican National Chairperson stated that the RNC platform which is currently looking at the wording of its anti abortion position is the”Republican platform but not Mitt Romneys platform”. Rep Ryan and others have, in the past, supported redefinitions of rape in proposed federal legislation that defines “forcible rape” as the exception but left question about other classifications of rape including statutory rape. This issue which is driven by the”non secular” wing ( tongue in cheek here) of the Republican Party will no doubt drive many independent voters away especially women. Rape is Rape and a woman does not have to give birth to and nurse a child conceived during a criminal act. To suggest otherwise is simply wrong. I am the father of a beautiful daughter and I know I am right.



Posted by Dave on 08/21 at 05:45 PM

RIP Frankie

Those who know Juli Zobel our very own Sales Manager have heard the very sad news that her beloved horse Frankie passed away from surgical complications this weekend. He was twenty years old and lived a great life because Juli always provided the best for him and he gave her and others much joy and apparently won a bunch of ribbons in competition. I don’t know much about horses- we had very few in the Bronx- well maybe a few heads but rarely the whole ones- but I do know how we grow to love our animals and we mourn them as we would a family member. Unconditional love defines what our animals give to us and Frankie was very important to all who took care of him especially Juli. I met Frankie once during a time long ago when I had an unrequited crush on Juli and rode the Harley to the stable to visit. She was gone but since the staff knew of me and determined I was a person of good will they directed me to his stable which Juli of course had kept immaculate. He had a penchant for shirts and proceed to chow down on mine but then he stopped and looked at me and raised his head up and down as if he was laughing. I gave him a treat and I know in that short visit we bonded in some way. We hope he is currently cavorting with Seabiscuit and Man O War in horse heaven and that Juli will get past her loss. We miss you Frankie…..



Posted by Dave on 08/21 at 04:44 PM

Another moron who breathes the same air we do and he will get votes

Yes you heard it… you cant make it up… you marvel at how people think… you wonder how they get elected. Congressman Todd Akin of Missouri ( see a pattern here?????) actually said that if it is a “legitimate rape” a woman has a way of “shutting it down” so as not to conceive (the spawn of a sociopath presumptively). People in this country actually believe that a woman who is violated in the most base disgusting way must bear the child of a sociopath because life is life. This is why it is so important that we vote. I don’t care what their politics are I suspect that women in Missouri will reject this irresponsible drivel at the polling place. Why is it that Republicans seem so determined to frame the issues in this way?. Whatever you think of “life” the forcing of a woman to carry the child of a criminal is so base and so hateful that it can never wear the label of legitimate political doctrine. This country should demand more and expect more in a modern age. Shame on you Congressman you have no business being a US Senator.



Posted by Dave on 08/21 at 12:50 PM

Another stupid douchebag

If you think Ted Nugent is a brainless troll how about his evil twin Dave Mustaine who waxed political during a concert in Singapore. I always want my political views enriched by idiots like Ted and Dave so it was with great interest that I listened to this “musician” rant about Obama during the aforementioned concert. Apparently the best way for the Obama Administration to further an anti-gun agenda, despite the fact that he and his team have done nothing to limit our rights in any real way, is to STAGE the Aurora and Sikh temple mass murders to get a ban passed. Yes our President loosed these mass killers on an innocent populace as the ultimate lobbying effort. This is beyond comprehension and he needs to have no career now. There comes a time when you must pay -First Amendment or not.



Posted by Dave on 08/16 at 02:55 PM

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