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Socialized Medicine on parade

Take that Affordable Care Act! Do you have a provision for doctors and nurses to dance at the Olympics!? Well, in England they do!

Did you catch the dance fest by the National Health Services at the opening ceremonies? Very impressive. Would it be seen as a mandate here to insist that our docs do the same? Talk amongst yourselves............



Posted by Dave on 07/28 at 03:24 PM

Chick Fil-A- shut up and cook; Boston Mayor- shut up and govern

Chick–Fil- A is a successful business chain that has tapped into an alternative to the burger- you can get a whole wheat bun and a grilled chicken breast and eat guiltless on the run. If you desire, the waffle fries are quite good. The restaurants are clean, employ many and are a delight to stop into. That is why we couldn't care less what the founder thinks about gay marriage, which has little to do with the business model of this chain. I am sure many patrons of all sexual orientations enjoy the product and couldn't care less. If the owner wants to be foolish and potentially alienate same sex oriented chicken lovers, that should be seen as bad business. The market will decide. The Boston mayor has no ground to deny franchises to this chain because of protected speech and many Bostonians of the Roman Catholic variety are probably siding with the chicken guy. This sounds like bad politics and he should just govern and let the market decide who steps in the place. For those waffle fries you would be surprised what is forgiven. Shut up already the both of you and get back to work.



Posted by Dave on 07/28 at 02:14 PM

Michael Moore is a pantload

His ramblings on Piers Morgan on the issue of gun control are ridiculous. From “Roger and Me” to whatever else he has visited on the brainless and gullible, he is defined by his unfailing beliefs that we are a sick society that must model itself after Canada and Cuba ( great health care) and that capitalism is a failed system. His agenda resonates with about three people yet he gets to treat us to his craptalk on national media outlets regularly. The late Christopher Hitchens's writings on this clown are priceless and I commend them since I don’t have the capacity to capture Moore like the incomparable Hitchens did. The textual interpretation of the right to bear arms means what it says and Justice Scalia set it forth in Heller v. District of Columbia. A law abiding person of good will who meets federal and state requirements should have the right to own a so-called “assault weapon” for myriad reasons and whether or not its commonly used for hunting or is ‘needed” doesn’t define the right. An armed and law abiding populace has the right to bear such arms under our Constitution as members of a free society who mean to keep it free. The Framers saw this as a hedge against tyranny. Moore sees Cuba as a model society. I suggest he move there and ask them how much they love it.



Posted by Dave on 07/28 at 02:10 PM

We must remember them all and one aspired to do what we here sometimes take for granted

Jessica Ghawi looked to a career in sportscasting. There is no reason to suspect that she couldn’t achieve that dream. When she met a horrible and violent end at the hands of a coward loser we all lost something. We vow here to always cherish the privilege that we have to take our message and thoughts on air as she dreamed of and for this my Show will always be dedicated to her and her memory. Rest in Peace Jessica and all who lost their lives.



Posted by Dave on 07/25 at 08:42 AM

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