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A real SAAB story

Spyker cars- a Dutch supercar firm that bought the brand in 2010 has alleged in a 3 Billion dollar lawsuit that GM interfered with a contract and deal that would have saved the venerated Swedish car company from bankruptcy after GM spun it off to them. Spyker isn’t playing and stated that GM “deliberately” drove SAAB into bankruptcy thwarting Spykers efforts to save it by selling to a potential Chinese investor. Could industrial espionage be afoot? Very serious allegations and expect a counterclaim by GM. Many do miss this quirky automobile with a cult following but in our opinion the market spoke years ago and the damage could never be repaired. Woe to the current owners who will need parts and service in the coming years. We will follow this one and keep you posted.



Posted by Dave on 08/06 at 06:36 PM

The Extortion 17 Ride

On Saturday Aug 4th over 700 bikes stretching, at times, six miles with cars and support vehicles rode from Clutch Bar and Grill with full VBPD escort to Knuckleheads Roadhouse for an auction. These proceeds are slated to support the 31 Heroes Fund set up to provide financial support to the families of those killed on Aug 6th 2011 in Afghanistan. The helicopter shot down was named Extortion 17. I proudly rode in this impressive and emotional parade with Stephanie Satterfield Middleton on back. She and Torrie Rogers and many others spent much time organizing this event. We hope it will be an annual event. Bikers are among the most generous and patriotic of us and it was an honor to again be among such great people.



Posted by Dave on 08/06 at 05:33 PM

The Obama Ohio lawsuit- legally correct, politically a mistake

Stated simply, as a response to the 2004 debacle wherein tens of thousands of Ohio voters were disenfranchised by long lines and inefficient polling practices, the Ohio legislature went to no- fault absentee ballots. These apparently worked well in 2008. Voters could cast their votes in the three days prior to Election Day- the so-called “in person” absentee ballot. The Republican controlled Ohio General Assembly in May of this year determined that voters using the federal Uniform Overseas Citizens Absentee Voter Act ( military stationed there mostly) may vote early in person up to Monday before election Day Nov 6th while non “UOCVA” in person absentee voters have a deadline of the Friday before. The papers filed by the Obama re-election team allege that this provides unequal treatment to similarly situated voters in violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment and that it is effective disenfranchisement of voters who are arbitrarily cut-off while permitting others similarly situated to votes closer to Election Day. Certainly the politics drove the amendments to existing Ohio law since military voters even if voting in the state “in person” are overwhelmingly pro Republican and easing their access to vote favors Romney and others in the GOP on the ballot. However these realities would have had little real effect and now there is significant military outrage and pushback even though those deployed and truly “absent” are not effected. Obama loses the politics of this one and should have simply worked to get the votes out without giving the GOP another rallying cry. Wake up Axelrod.



Posted by Dave on 08/06 at 05:32 PM

Bloomberg nurses us yet again

Yes from cradle to grave Ms Bloomberg aka Ms Doubtfire has our back.Now he is spearheading a plan for NYC hospitals to lock away baby formula along with morphine and Percocet so new moms will be prodded into breast feeding. This despite the fact that breast feeding planning takes place well before delivery and I'm certain a lack of formula will not have any effect except to piss people off. If a new mom breast feeds but hydrates with a Big Gulp the child will be taken away and the mother charged with child endangerment. What is next Mayor we don't know how to live unless you tell us how.........



Posted by Dave on 08/01 at 01:44 PM

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