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03/27/2015 04:38 PM

Even as United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon claims victory in the battle against sexual abuse by members of U.N. peacekeeping missions, a leaked U.N. internal report charges that peacekeepers are likely under-reporting sex crimes and exploitation, taking too long to investigate them, and clinging to a “culture of impunity”  that bolsters sexual misdeeds.

03/27/2015 08:07 AM

Syrian President Bashar Assad says he would be "open" to a dialogue with the United States, but that it must be "based on mutual respect."

03/27/2015 07:34 AM

South Africa's state-owned power utility says that following an illegal strike about 1,000 construction workers have been fired, halting work at an already delayed but much needed power plant.

03/27/2015 07:32 AM

Nigeria's military claims it has destroyed the headquarters of Boko Haram in Gwoza, a town in northeast Nigeria. It was not possible to verify Friday's victory that comes the day before critical presidential elections.

03/27/2015 07:00 AM

Germanwings co-pilot Andreas Lubitz appears to have hidden evidence of an illness from his employers, including having been excused by a doctor from work the day he crashed a passenger plane into a mountain, prosecutors said Friday.

03/27/2015 07:00 AM

Iran's foreign minister is criticizing Saudi-led airstrikes in Yemen but says the focus at nuclear talks between his nation and six world powers remains on reaching a deal.

03/27/2015 06:52 AM

France's leading pilots union said Friday it is filing a lawsuit over leaks about the investigation into the crash of a German jet into the French Alps.

03/27/2015 06:46 AM

Iraq's most revered Shiite cleric is calling for unity among the country's forces battling the Islamic State group after major, Iran-backed Shiite militias pulled out of the offensive in the militant-held city of Tikrit in protest over U.S. airstrikes there.

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