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12/08/2016 07:45 AM

The search for a Marine Corps pilot who ejected from an F/A-18 jet in southern Japan was expanded to a wider area after daybreak Thursday, the U.S. military said.

12/08/2016 06:45 AM

Hungary's prime minister is urging the Hungarian minority in Romania to vote in Sunday's parliamentary election there and "speak up for their own interests." Prime Minister Viktor Orban spoke Thursday during a visit to western Romania, home to a large Hungarian minority.

12/08/2016 06:34 AM

A human rights group says the Philippines is facing one of the fastest growing epidemics of HIV in the Asia Pacific, fueled by government policies that restrict intervention, including access to condoms by men who have sex with men.

12/08/2016 06:30 AM

Dozens of people have been injured in anti-India clashes that erupted in Indian-controlled Kashmir following a gunbattle between rebels and government forces.

12/08/2016 06:30 AM

The drama of Britain's exit from the European Union was being acted out this week on two of London's grandest stages — the Supreme Court and the House of Commons chamber.

12/08/2016 06:30 AM

A Greek court has rejected the extradition request by Turkey of the last two of eight Turkish servicemen who fled to Greece after a failed July military coup in Turkey, their lawyer Christos Mylonopoulos says.

12/08/2016 06:20 AM

President Bashar Assad said in comments published Thursday that Syrian forces' victory in the battle for Aleppo will be a "big gain" for his government but that it will not end of the country's civil war.

12/08/2016 06:16 AM

The head of MI6, Britain's international spy agency, is warning that Britain cannot be safe until the war in Syria is brought to an end.

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