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08/17/2017 08:15 PM

Thousands of Raqqa residents are trying to get out of the Islamic State's so-called capital in Syria, but their hell is far from over once they've escaped the war-ravished remnants of the city.

08/16/2017 07:12 PM

Thousands of Brazilian police and soldiers have carried out a security operation near Rio de Janeiro as part of a crackdown aimed at curbing rising violence.

08/16/2017 06:34 PM

A judge in Guatemala has ordered two ex-officials to stand trial in connection with the death of 41 girls in a fire at a state-run home for troubled youth.

08/16/2017 06:22 PM

At least 37 people were killed during clashes between armed inmates and security forces at a small prison in southern Venezuela, the state's governor said Wednesday.

08/16/2017 06:20 PM

At least 37 people in a southern Venezuela prison died Tuesday night as a result of fighting between inmates and security officials, a governor in the South American country said.

08/16/2017 06:15 PM

Human remains found behind a house in Aruba might be the answer to Natalee Holloway’s disappearance 12 years ago.

08/16/2017 05:58 PM

Gaza's Hamas authorities say a suicide bomber blew himself up when security officers tried to stop him from infiltrating into Egypt, and several people were wounded.

08/16/2017 05:07 PM

Brazil's top court ruled Wednesday against a state that sought federal compensation for lands used to create three indigenous reserves, delivering a landmark decision seen as a defeat for groups trying to limit native land claims.

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