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07/31/2016 03:27 AM

Officials say there have been separate shooting incidents in downtown Austin and there are multiple victims.

07/31/2016 03:20 AM

At least one person is dead and three others have been taken to the hospital following an active shooting incident in downtown Austin.

07/31/2016 02:11 AM

A gunman attacked a gathering of young adults at a suburban Seattle home, killing two people at a fire pit before firing more shots from the roof, the grandmother of one of the witnesses said.

07/31/2016 01:00 AM

Robert Taylor is not what you would call a bad guy yet he’s being treated like one in his home state of Virginia.

07/31/2016 12:49 AM

Storms brought torrential rain to Howard County, Md. on Saturday night, causing severe flooding. Historic Ellicott City appears to have been hit hardest.

07/30/2016 11:56 PM

The increasingly anti-cop climate throughout the nation has raised concerns that police recruitment could suffer, but so far – at least in certain cities - it may actually be bringing in more applications, law enforcement authorities told

07/30/2016 11:21 PM

A 42-year-old skydiver with more than 18,000 jumps made history Saturday when he became the first person to leap without a parachute and land in a net instead.

07/30/2016 05:34 PM

Authorities say a suspected burglar is dead after an Alabama homeowner tied him to a tree after catching the man breaking into his home.

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